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Service & Repair

Bike maintenance and repair

Brant Cycle is all about professional people, training & tools

Free Estimates

When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that's needed. One of our service pros will discuss your bicycle with you and carefully explain what we recommend, always respecting your choices and your budget.

Service pros

Our service staff is professionally trained and certified to work on all bicycle makes and models, not just the ones we sell. And every member of our service team participates in training sessions with factory service techs several times each year.

Walk-ins welcome

Getting ready for a ride and discovered that a tire's gone flat? Drop by for our "While You Wait" Flat Tire Service.

If we can fix it on the spot, we will. And if we need more time, we'll let you know when to stop by to pick it up.

  • Tune-Up Basic
  • $49.95 for Brant Cycle Bike
  • $59.95 for Non BC
  • What We Do:
  • Adjust & align front and rear derailleurs.
  • Adjust front and rear brakes, align brake pads.
  • Adjust headset.
  • Adjust bottom bracket.
  • Lubricate chain, derailleur pivots, brake pivots & cables.
  • Check tightness of all bolts.
  • Check and adjust tire pressure.
  • Surface wipe-down of bicycle.
  • Tune-Up Advanced
  • $69.95 for Brant Cycle Bike
  • $79.95 for Non BC
  • What We Do:
  • Everything from the Basic Tuneup, PLUS:

  • Drive-Train cleaning and lubrication.
  • Adjust front and rear wheel hub bearings.
  • Minor truing of both wheels.
  • Labour for installation of brake, derailleur cables tires & tubes.
Buyer's Guide to Comfort & Hybrid Bikes
  • Pick Up & Delivery
  • Having trouble taking your bike in for a repair or just don't have the time? Brant Cycle offers a pickup and delivery service. We will pick up your bike and give a repair estimate within 24 hours of pickup within the Greater Burlington Area.
  • Also available for Adult Tricycles and WheelChair Wheels.
  • Notes:

  • Brake bleeding not included.
  • Suspension service not included.
  • Excessively dirty or muddy bikes are subject to an additional cleaning charge.
  • Excessively dirty drivetrains are subject to an additional cleaning charge.
  • All repairs are covered by a 30-day guarantee.
  • Due to the quality of most department store, big box store, and mass merchant store bikes, we are unable to provide any repair warranty/guarantee.
CodeBottom Bracket ServicePrice
bba Bottom Bracket Adjust $12
bbo Bottom Bracket Overhaul $24
bbtt Bottom Bracket Tap Threads ** $30
bbfc Bottom Bracket Face & Chase ** $30
**Overhaul Not Included
CodeCables & HousingPrice
siscab SIS Cable $2.95
siscabss SIS Cable Stainless $4.95
siscabh SIS Housing $1.95/ft
slrcab SLR Cable $2.95
slrcabss SLR Cable Stainless $4.95
slrcabh SLR Housing $1.75/ft
premcab Premium Cables PTFE (Dura-ace, Ultegra, XTR, etc.) $15-$25
CodeHeadset ServicePrice
has Headset Adjust $20.00
hso Headset Overhaul $25.00
his Headset Install $30.00
spksil Spokes SS Silver 1.50
spkblk Spokes SS Black 1.75
CodeBrake ServicePrice
braf Brake Adjust Front * $14.00
brar Brake Adjust Rear * $14.00
cabi *Cable or Pad Install Add $5.00
brag Brake Adjust Gyro $20.00
bradf Brake Adjust Disc Front ** $18.00
bradr Brake Adjust Disc Rear ** $18.00
brbdf Brake Bleed Disc Front ** $35.00
brbdr Brake Bleed Disc Rear ** $35.00
brpad ** Disc Pad Install Add $7.00
brhose ** Hydraulic Hose Install $40.00
bridm Brake Install Disc Mechanical $25.00
bridh Brake Install Disc Hydraulic $30.00
brliv Brake Levers Install (V, Canti, Mech) $30.00
brlih Brake Lever Install (Hydra w/Bleed) $35.00
CodeDrivetrain ServicePrice
draf Derailleur adjust Front * $16.00
drar Derailleur adjust Rear * $16.00
drif Derailleur Install Front * $25.00
drir Derailleur Install Rear * $25.00
cabi *Cable Install Add $5.00
sli Shift Lever Install $40.00
cfir Freewheel/Cassette Remove/Install $12.00
ci Chain Install $10.00
drhi Derailleur Hanger Install ** $20.00
drdoa Derailleur Drop Out Alignment ** $20.00
  **Derailleur Install not Included  
  **Derailleur Adjust Not Included  
dtcl Drivetrain Cleaning $40.00
cri Crank Install $20.00
pdi Pedals Install $10.00
pdic Pedal Install Clipless w/Cleats $20.00
pci Pedal Cleat Install on Shoes $10.00
CodeWheel ServicePrice
wcf Wheel Change Front $15.00
wcr Wheel Change Rear $20.00
wtf Wheel True Front $20.00
wtr Wheel True Rear $30.00
wts Wheel True Specialty $45.00
wrbf Wheel Respoke/Build Front $45.00
wrbr Wheel Respoke/Build Rear $50.00
wrbs Wheel Respoke/Build Specialty $65.00
scal Spoke Calculation /wheel $12.00
haf Hub Adjust Front $12.00
har Hub Adjust Rear $16.00
hof Hub Overhaul Front $20.00
hor Hub Overhaul Rear $25.00
hoc Hub Overhaul Coaster $30.00
ciwless Computer Install Wireless $20.00
ciwire Computer Install Wired $25.00
comic Computer Install w/Cadence $25.00
cbip Computer Battery Install &Program $15.00
cpg Computer Program Garmin $15.00
hrmbi HR Monitor Battery Install $12.00
hrmbis HR Monitor Battery Install & Setup $25.00
CodeFork ServicePrice
fkivc Fork Install V/Canti Brake $40.00
fkid Fork Install Disc Brake $40.00
fkoao Fork Overhaul Air/Oil * $75.00
fkoce Fork Overhaul Coil/Elastomer * $60.00
fkr Fork Realignment * $35.00
rss Rear Suspension Service ** $40.00
  * Remove/Install Not Included  
  ** Shock Overhaul not Included
CodeTire and Tube ServicePrice
ttoff Tire/Tube Install - Off Bike $10.00
ttonf Tire/Tube Install - Front $12.00
ttonr Tire/Tube Install - Rear $15.00
ttonp Tire/Tube Install - w/Pegs $18.00
ttong Tire/Tube Install - Internal Hub $24.00
ttfat Tire/Tube Install - Fat Bike $20.00
titless Tire Install Tubeless w/Sealant $25.00
tubular Tire Install Tubular ** $35.00
  **Glue not included
ki Kickstand Install $10.00 twi Traing Wheel Install $14.00 si Saddle Install $10.00
hbgi Handlebar Grips Install $10.00 hbti Handlebar Tape Install $16.00 hbi Handlebar Install $25.00
abi Aero Bar Install $25.00 hbsia Handlebar Stem Install A-Head $15.00 hbsiq Handlebar stem Install Quill $20.00
bei Bar End Install $16.00 hbcut Handlebar Cut To Size $12.00 spcut Seat Post Cut To Size $12.00
fic Fender Install Clip-On $15.00 fip Fender Install Permanent $25.00 rci Rear Carrier Install $15.00
bas Bicycle Assembly $75.00 bps Bicycle Pack for Shipping $50.00 pickup Pick Up or Delivery $20.00

Having trouble taking your bike in for a repair or just don't have the time?  Brant Cycle offers a pick up and delivery service. We will pick up your bike and give an repair estimate within 24 hours of pickup within the Greater Burlington Area. 

Call In-Store for details @ 905-637-3737


Brant Cycle is Celebrating 30 years of Serving Burlington, Ontario Canada!

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